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HI! Welcome to My Homemade Home!

Here’s me and my husband John. We met in Texas during college and were married in 2008.

After graduating, we decided to move to New York. It worked out best for our careers at the time so we took the leap! While living in NY, we decided to buy a “fixer upper”. “Oh, it will be a real estate investment”, we rationalized. We both love the satisfaction of creating things by hand (especially my husband John who is a construction manager). Over time I’ve taught myself to crochet, sew and was always refinishing some type of furniture. I’m also a dietitian and love to cook. I hope to share some of my recipes with you too!

In 2013, our family grew with the birth of our sweet baby boy James.

DIY pregnancy announcement

My Homemade Home

Having a baby made us realize we wanted to move back to Texas (where I was born and raised) to raise him near family. So in early 2014 we put our house on the market and relocated to the Lone Star State! Now we are in the process of building our own home! Such an exciting time for us!

Over the past few years I feel as though we have repurposed, reused, and remade a lot of things for the house! I figured why not share what we’ve done and will create along the way. Thanks for visiting and I hope our blog inspires you to be more creative in your own home! This is how we’ve made our house a home.

Summer Vacation 2014 Adventures - Beach time
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