DIY Wall Art: Driftwood Fish


Last year after Superstorm Sandy, we all know how badly the beaches were destroyed here on Long Island, NY. Our own summer community beach was washed out and a lot of trash was left behind. That’s a picture of our marina this past winter.


Over the past year, John volunteered many hours to beach clean up on the South shore. In total he pulled over 3,000 pounds of metal from the beach in addition to the trash. But among the trash he also found a bit of treasure… the driftwood! So he decided to start a nice collection.

We thought we could use some of the driftwood to make wall art decor for the house. We sketched out a plan to make driftwood fish and this is what we came up with. We reserved two larger pieces of wood to serve as the horizontal backboards. Then we John nailed driftwood sticks perpendicular to the backboards. After nailing down the sticks, John used the circular saw to trim the ends of the sticks to form the shape of the backbone and belly of the fish. After adding the mouth and tail we finished the piece!

DIY driftwood fish wall art


We are both pretty happy with how it turned out. If you can’t DIY, check out our Etsy store because we are selling them too :)

– Christina

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