Handmade Baby Mobile with Felt and Driftwood


I know it’s been awhile since I last posted, but I’ve had a lot going on this year! This past spring, my husband and I found out we would be expecting our first baby this December. Our baby boy! We’ve been busy decorating the nursery and I decided to share the felt mobile that I’ve made! I’m also posting patterns for the shapes that I cut out if you decide you want to make one too.

Here is a rough list of the materials that you will need. There are tons of ways to hang a mobile and many ideas on Pinterest, but we decided to make a cross-bar out of drift wood. You could also use sticks, or dowels and wood blocks.

materials For the felt pieces, I used a fiberfill to stuff the shapes for a 3D effect. I would think cotton balls, toilet paper or tissues would work too. I also used two different yarns for stitching the felt pieces together, but you could always just use one color as well. And just so you know, a little pair of scissors was really useful when cutting the small shapes out.

I liked the idea of making a mobile with clouds, rain drops, a sun, and stars. So here are my shapes once I cut them all out. I would definitely take the time to cut everything first before starting the stitching process.

And here is a free PDF of the patterns I made, if you want to cut them out and attempt a mobile of your own!
Shape Assembly

Here is a step-by-step photo of how I stitched two felt pieces together to make the 3D shapes. I showed how to do this on a raindrop, but the process is the same for all shapes. At the top of the raindrop and stars, I also added knots to make the points more defined.


With the first stitch, I push the needle and yarn through the top layer of felt so that the knot at the end of the yarn is hidden within the shape (Step 1-2). Then, basically you weave the yarn using the needle through both pieces of fabric (Steps 3-4). Once you have stitched 3/4 around the shape, stop and stuff the shape with your fiber fill (Step 5). Continue to sew up the rest of the shape. The very last stitch will need to go back through the first stitch that you made to secure it completely closed (Step 5-6). But make sure the needle does not go through the back side of the felt, so that you can hide your knot between the pieces. I hope that makes sense!? So, tie a knot at the end of the yarn and between the two pieces of felt. Stuff the tail back into the inside of the shape (Step 8-9).

Here’s a few pictures of how the other shapes turned out when completely finished.

IMG_0495 IMG_0515 IMG_0173

Mobile Hanger Apparatus Assembly

As I mentioned before, we made our hanger piece from drift wood, a large ceiling hook, 4 small hooks, bent nail pieces, 1 large brass screw and nut. Twine was used to hang the piece from the ceiling hook. So here’s what we did, but you could always simplify this process and use a way that might be easier for you. Pinterest has a ton of ideas for DIY mobiles so check that out if you can’t do what we did!

John and I collect driftwood from the beach, so we ended up having two pieces that worked perfectly to make a cross-bar.


We measured and cut the driftwood pieces to about 25 inches in length (Step 1). My husband found the center of each branch and drilled a hole in each piece so that they could be stacked and connected together by a brass screw and nut (Step 2-4). When the end of the screw and nut are facing upwards, we refer to this side as the top of the mobile. So on the top side of the mobile, my husband measured 3 inches from the end of each branch and drilled a small hole to screw in the 4 small hanger hooks (Step 5-6). The twine would be connected to each small hook and then also to the ceiling hook to suspend the mobile in the air. Flip the hanger over. Then the bent nail pieces (I don’t know the technical name sorry!) were hammered into the bottom of each arm.. two pieces to each arm so that the shapes could be suspended below the hanger (Step 7-9). Here’s what we used to attach the hanger to the ceiling.


I also strung the stars on the twine, because I wanted them to hang above and not below the driftwood itself. Use the needle and weave the twine on the inside of the shape. Start from the top and pull the twine out of the bottom of the star. No need to secure the star to the twine, they can easily slide up and down the strings for positioning.

I ended up stringing the felt clouds, raindrops and the sun with yarn. Then I attached the yarn to the bent metal pieces on the underside of the hanger. Here is the completed project in the nursery! I hope you love it as much as I do! Do you think you’ll try to DIY?

DIY felt baby mobile raindrops, clouds, star, sun



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