How to Make Hanging Vases from Wine Bottles


Every so often my husband and I like to enjoy a glass of wine at dinner. After we finish a bottle, I always hate throwing them away. For some reason I feel guilty.. like I should be reusing them! So I decided to try to use them as vases (not very creative I know!), and I wanted to hang them on the wall in my dining room.

John and I searched Home Depot for some type of gadget or hook to hang the bottles. Ultimately this is what we found in the plumbing hardware section. It’s known as a 3/4 inch Milford type pipe hanger (I will refer to it as the “hanger”). It’s copper and about 6-7 inches long.

5 Easy Step-by-Step Instructions

I cleaned the bottles with soap and water, removed the labels and let them dry. I actually ended up spray painting my bottles with a white primer before hanging them as well, but you could always leave them as is too.

  1. Figure out how far you want your vase to hang from the wall. We decided that ours should hang at least 3 inches away.
  2. So, we bent the hanger in half (seeing how it is about 6 inches long).
  3. Then we loosened the screws so that the top of the wine bottle would fit through the end of the hanger.
  4. Squeeze the ends tightly back together and secure it with the copper screws.
  5. Next we screwed the hanger piece (with attached bottle) right into the wall with two screws. 

Here is the final product in my dining room! I love our unique home decor. I’m not completely sold on the white bottles though… I may end up switching back to plain glass bottles after we drink some more wine ;)

What do you think of the final product? I’d love to know your thoughts!!! 

hanging wine bottle vases



7 Thoughts on “How to Make Hanging Vases from Wine Bottles

  1. Sophie Smith on November 3, 2014 at 8:33 am said:

    Are the hangers the 1/2 inch ones or the 3/4 inch ones???

  2. I was unable to find this at Home Depot or at the plumbing supply store, is there a part number or something?

  3. Meredith on July 31, 2014 at 12:15 pm said:

    Your wall color is beautiful. What color is it? Thanks!!

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